Kota Kachori

Kota is also famous for its kachories. Various kachori manufactures provide kachories at different locations .you can find good quality of kachori at various shops at each circles (chauraha ).When a person feels hungry first thought comes in his mind to search kachori .Kachori is supposed to have originated Rajasthan] In these states it is usually a round flattened ball made of fine flour filled with a stuffing of baked mixture of yellow moong dal or Urad Dal (crushed and washed horse beans), besan (crushed and washedgram flour), black pepper, red chili powder, salt and other spices. Additionally in Rajasthani cuisine, the Pyaaj Kachori (onion kachori) is very famous. Another form of Kachori which is famous in Rajasthan is the Mawa Kachori. It is a sweet dish which is dipped in sugar syrup. A variant includes sweet upwas (fast) kachori, made with potato, coconut, and sugar. Kachoris are often served with a chutney, often made from tamarind, mint, or coriander. Another variant is fried and stuffed with pulses (urad and moong especially) and it is generally found in hadoti region in rajasthan.

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