Kota. Janani Suraksha Yojana infant abnormalities are in the Kota district Chief Medical and Health Officer of the bolt is dropped. The state government on Wednesday to Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Gajendra Singh Sisodia APO [Waiting for posting] is called Jaipur. There are currently no order in about quotas, but kota District Collector G. Gupta is confirmed. Quota scheme on Monday with the start of the complaints were coming. In rural areas and the city's Rampura satellite hospital Prsutaon complaints of call was from the drugs market. Bina Kak, the minister in charge of the district on Monday expressed deep resentment toward Dr. Sisodia. Since it seemed that they could fall victim. Kak Ministers and Secretary in charge of quotas on Tuesday evening were Mukesh Sharma. In this regard, sources said the order could come Thursday.

All the bases empty: The Government's master plan after the second great Plan 2 October is upon us. Such quota in the medical department of the district is headless. Zone Director of Kota, Deputy Director and Chief Medical and Health Officer vacancy is also blank.

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