2011 Countdown: it was a dream come true!

2011 Countdown: it was a dream come true!

2011 Countdown: it was a dream come true!

Kota. Four years ago, the International Cricket Stadium Pavilion JK in Nyapura announced the international level as well as residents kept the dream of watching a cricket match, he broke up the change.


8.50 crore on the construction of the second phase was proposed to be spent, but in 2008 Congress Uaiti in power, stopped the construction of sports stadium. Three years have passed, but did not start playing the second stage. Sports fans can not understand the politics of this screw.

This decrease in the Sports Complex

Nyapura Sports Stadium Badminton Hall JK, TT hall, swimming pool, cricket ground facilities but not football, hockey and track athlete not imagine the Sports Complex is still incomplete.

Small town, big players

: Sports Stadium Rajasthan Ranji Trophy cricket team came to play.

: Inter-University Judo Championship in Pune and the wrestling competition in Sirsa line Rathore won the bronze medal.

: Japan in the Asian Wrestling Championship silver medal was won by line, all Junior Wrestling Championship in Korea in 2010 Monica Malavas represented in the quota.

: Hockey hostel efforts to move quietly Udaipur busted by the Times, the hostel has been restored here.

In 2012 it won the game progressed

: Sports Youth Hostel for the visiting players need to

: Jodhpur get sports packages like the Education Department, the Education Department to get the services of the coach.

: Hockey, track and basketball and football to track Strotrf be made separately.

: Side screen in cricket stadium, practice could not pitch and dressing room.

: To track athletes get a chance to practice the athlete.

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